domingo, 23 de abril de 2017


I met Olivia Newton John, in 1992, in Rio de Janeiro, Thanks An invitation from a friend I met in São Paulo. She was with that appearance, was Patient and even more so that humanity in Give So Much Attention TO YOUR fans.
My dream was exhibited, This Is Happened in 2016. Seeing it without stage was shocking, so nothing to go in the places where it was.
My first place in 1992, a smile from ear to ear, when they took my camera and I continue to look at a last beautiful image
In March 2016 was the big day, to feel the emotional impact of revisiting Olivia singing was surreal, I saw her in Rio de Janeiro as a person almost common, but on stage everything transforms, time shifts between the past and the present .Sounds that made soundtrack in our lives, songs that accompanied us at bedtime and even in dancing ...
Olivia we expect one more shows in Latin America.

Olivia Newton John - Gaia

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