We insist on trying
to understand distance and space,
on labeling feelings and desires,
 on trying to understand love.
Love has neither space,
nor distance, or time;
neither does it have a price…
it does have and invaluable worth!
It flows in the most
extraordinary dimensions,
involving each creature
in different ways and intensity.
This light – energy -
which is vital nourishment
is named love
 and floats above the most carnal and cosmic feelings.   
It permeates the insides,
dwells in the feelings,
makes you blush and makes you pale,
plants your feet to the ground,
casts us into the sky,
and makes us float.
However, it has no value
if not directed to the beloved one,
if wasted on life’s matches and mismatches,
and on the traps set by the mind.
But the truth is plain to see:
I love!
Through all time and space,
distances and dimensions,
where not even the largest wall
will erase such noble feelings,
I love.

                                                          Versão: Emerson Almeida

                   (tradução é de outro idioma para o português; versão é do português para outro idioma.)

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