Show true loving.

Love...a word
a sense sweet lulluby
to sleep in nights of enchantment.
A blanket in the winter - 
for your warm arms
are the complement
in this love season.
Water drops from the sky
dew drops from the sky
teardrops from a stare
when we’re distant from this feeling
we long for.
But the certainty of this great emotion
comes from this bursting feeling.
Sleeping love, smiling stare
at the beloved one
even inactively loving. 
But I feel that in your dreams
you are fantasizing  y body and face.
And in this short or long wait
we keep waiting for the awakening
of an eternal dream in one’s look
for an eternal reality showing. 
But I live with this dream
warm, hot or boiling,charging nothing
from your sober resting,
for your eyes, awake or not, 
show true loving.

Versão: Emerson Almeida

(tradução é de outro idioma para o português; versão é do português para outro idioma.)

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