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This talented Cd Christmas came from the union of two icons of the years 70/80 - John Travolta and Olivia Newton John . The work brings together musicians from first line which exude harmony and professionalism that enrich the ancient melodies of Christmas and the unreleased CdParticipation in music of James Taylor : " Deck to Halls ," along with the voice of the couple include Grease up perfectly , the music has a medieval air , which surprises by combining each arrangement on this track.Barbra Streisand need comments just listen to it with the double : John - John and draw your own conclusion .Kenny G, resurfaces this Cd giving life to a Christmas Rock : " Rockin ' Around the Christmas Tree" , which arouses the desire to go out dancing like John Travolta did in his classic films .Chick Corea : is a pianist and keyboardist of American jazz , is famous for his work in the '70s , is abusing the title song : "This Chistmas " . Fantastic and irreverent .Tony Bennett , the jazz legend , sings . Who plays nothing but the band : The Count Basie Orchestra , Count Basie Orchestra is a big band of sixteen to eighteen jazz musicians : " Winter Wonderland " Where have fun with Olivia and John musically .Sir Cliff Richard : "Have Yourself a Merry Christmas " with Olivia .Medley Olivia Newton John and John Travolta is sensitive and beautiful .A children's choir sings " Silent Night" with Olivia and John , as always exciting.
John Travolta : " This Christmas Walts " John Travolta and charismatic and sounds well in this soil.Olivia and John duet "Baby It's Cold Outside" Delicia music , voices and music . The orchestra without words, but say : Phenomenal .Already in music : " White Christmas " is no exception to the previous rule and violin in this song and striking ." The Christmas Song " At the sound of a beautiful piano and saxophone Hollywood film the couple are illuminated . The dialogue between the artists at the end of the song is very fun .In the song " I Think you Might Like It ", the arrangements are John Farrar , the clip caused controversy by producing weak , expect more like a clip from the movie grease , but was very well accessed on You Tube : " I Think you Might Like 
It " is fun and tasteful , which was until we returned in Grease , but with a letter natalina.Vale worth swinging, dancing on Christmas and supper after a few glasses of good wine Zamu.

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