segunda-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2015


Vomit comes from the deep bowels,
Of abuse of men who feel the power of having
and power absorb ... sneaky and unlawfully ...
The funds for the sick and needy,
for public safety
of those who work builds ...
To educate to the uneducated
Who Cheat with a ball running
in the field of illusion.

Plays a dirty game openly ...
in politics has not honor and

not aims to a life after it.

Vomit is the grin,
the pats on the back and
the not sincere words,
well spoken theatrical ...
Deceives a people,
with bananas and trivial things ...
Anyway almost a nation.

Physical death is the solution?
The spiritual already reached death.

And the vomit comes from the bowels
... germinating the worms
those of costly clothes
who think they are people,
that is not people.

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