quinta-feira, 23 de julho de 2015

Vomiting comes from the entrails

Mario Amancio's poem

Vomiting comes from the entrails

Vomiting comes from the
abuse of men who feel the power of possession 
and the power of absorbing
Sipping sneaky and unlawfully ...
The money for the sick and needy,
the security of those who work and build ...
From the education of the badly educated
that cheat your own with a ball
running in the field of illusion.

Is played a dirty game, 
supposedly political
So the policy is dishonourable and is not 
intended to afterlife

Vomiting comes from a yellow smile
From pats on the back and from insincere words
And theatrical well said...
Tricks a people with bananas and banal things...
Finally, almost a nation

Physical death is the solution?
the spiritual have reached it
And the vomit comes from the innards
germinate ... the worms
The aligned expensive clothes
and they think are like us,

But they aren't one of us.

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